Nick Adams is an accomplished photojournalist with a unique perspective on his craft. Growing up in Nederland, Texas, he developed a passion for photography early on and pursued his education in photojournalism at Western Kentucky University.

Throughout his career, Adams has worked for daily newspapers across the United States and has been recognized for his talent and dedication. He was named the NPPA's Region 5 Photographer of the Year and his photographs have been featured in national publications, including American Photography.

In addition to his extensive portfolio, Adams took on an ambitious project to shed light on the homeless in Eureka, California. Over eight months, he immersed himself in the local community, using his camera to capture the stories, struggles, and moments of people mired in homelessness. The project reflected his deep sense of empathy and respect for his subjects, allowing him to capture images that were both visually stunning and emotionally powerful.  The images themselves conveyed the complex and multifaceted nature of homelessness. His use of composition and lighting brought viewers to a deeper and intimate understanding of the crisis. Ultimately, Adams' project brought significant attention to the issue of homelessness in the Eureka area and galvanized the community to take action.

Nick Adams continues to create captivating visual stories to share the full spectrum of our human experience. With a passion for his craft and a dedication to his clients, he is the go-to photographer for those needing to capture the essence of their subjects with authenticity and artistry.

Adams is based in Olympia, Washington.


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